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 Eco Options

ECO Options Save money in energy and water, and do your part with XL Plumbing and Heating's Eco Options.
We have compiled some information, some questions and answers as follows. If you have a question, click on the ASK NOW » button to the right to submit it.

The City of Calgary currently offers a $50 rebate per toilet up to three toilets per household. This modification will provide you with an estimated yearly savings of $100 and an even greater potential for savings with a dual-flush configuration. For more information, please see The City of Calgary Waterworks Division at www.calgary.ca/waterworks.

Q  Can I, as a homeowner, do anything for the environment?
A  Yes! We at XL Plumbing and Heating Ltd. offer a variety of eco-friendly services.

Q  I have a conventional hot water tank (conventional hot water tank has a steel chimney and a pilot that you have to light). Is there something better?
A  Yes! You probably have the same hot water tank as your parents did when you were growing up. Hot water heating has come a long way, and we offer an alternative - A compact wall-hung condensing hot water maker with up to 93 percent efficiency. Your standard hot water tank is operating at approximately 50 percent efficiency. For more information, please see www.rinnai.us.

Q  We have an old furnace. Is it worth changing?
A  Yes! Like hot water tanks, furnaces, too, have come a long way. We have a multitude of options to increase efficiency and comfort to your home.

Q  Our water bill is very high. Is there anything we can do?
A  Yes! Old high-consumption toilets (toilets with a big tank on top) use up to 1/3 of household water. We offer a variety of low-consumption toilets, and we even offer a dual-flush configuration.

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